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Chief executive of GAVI wants to ‘immunize every kid on earth’

Chief executive of GAVI wants to ‘immunize
every kid on earth’

(NaturalNews) The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-backed group Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations (GAVI) is on a mission to forcibly vaccinate every single child on the planet against every single known “preventable disease.” And the group’s CEO, Seth Berkley, believes he can actually make this happen with enough cash, political force, and distribution systems in place.

Cloaked in a veil of humanitarianism, GAVI’s vaccination agenda has been spreading across the globe like a virus, as hundreds of millions of children around the world have already been vaccinated, and many more are on the way. But the group’s vaccination push will not stop until every child in the world is vaccinated, even if it means having to use force.

This is what happened, after all, in Malawi back in 2011, where Malawian children were vaccinated at gunpoint. Reports at the time indicated that parents of unvaccinated children that had tried to escape a local vaccination mandate were tracked down and apprehended, and their children forced to receive the jabs as part of the United NationsMillennium Development Goals (

None of this would have been possible, however, had GAVI been allowed to crumble back in 2010 when it was suffering severe financial problems. But former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates came in and saved the day, according to Reuters, by working together with GAVI and the British government to coerce much needed funding, to the tune of $4.3 billion, out of donors.

And this is hardly a surprise, since Bill Gates himself has been on a personal mission to vaccinate the entire world as well. At a 2011 GAVI conference, Gates explained to attendees how the world needs “vaccine equity,” which he later defined as vaccinating everybody on earth (

“It’s now that we’re gonna start to get the last two vaccines that rich kids take for granted, the pneumococcal and rotavirus, and over these next five years, get them out to every child everywhere,” said Gates at that time. “That means for the first time ever that we have equity in vaccines.”

So there you have it, folks. One of the world’s richest men, in partnership with a multi-billion dollar public-private partnership and several powerful world governments, is actively working towards a 100 percent vaccination rate among the world’s children. Are you prepared to stand up to this jackbooted medical mafia when they come for your children?

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The food industry is waging war on your cells with these 10 toxic ingredients

(NaturalNews) Preservatives and synthetic food agents found in foods inhibit oxygen and delay the development of fungus and mold, creating a longer shelf-life for products. But after being consumed, these toxins deprive human cells of oxygen and rob them of nutrients, thus leading to cell mutation and the perfect breeding ground for cancer.

Just like humans, cells need oxygen to survive and thrive. “Fungus fighting” preservatives and man-made food agents choke out your body’s nutrients at the DNA level by deprivingmitochondrial cellsof oxygen, sometimes completely shutting them down. And if the body does not have enough essential nutrients, it becomes more susceptible to disease.


Longer shelf life, shorter human life

If you’re not a label-reader already, you better become one soon. You don’t have to be a chemist or a linguist either, just be able tosight read and spot the poisonsso you can live cancer-free. Most food toxins are followed by a phrase, often in parenthesis, to make them sound “safe” andin your best interest, like “as a preservative,” or “for added freshness,” or “to preserve flavor.” These catchy little phrases really meanfor the added choking of your cells to aid with cancer development.


The top 10 cell stranglers revealed

The United States has several major regulatory agencies and “cancer prevention” organizations which have not only been suppressing natural cancer cures for 70 years, but have been approving, supporting, endorsing and profiting from cancer-causing agents in food, beverages and cosmetics since World War II.

1.Sodium Benzoate: This stealthy killer flies under most people’s radar, and isfound in just about everything in jars and bottles, like salad dressing, pickles, sauces, mayonnaise, almost all soda and juice drinks, and even in foods labeled as “all natural.”

2.Canola Oil: This artificial, Canadian-exported GMO is super popular and is found in over 30% of all products. It chokes out your mitochondrial cells. Canola oil is really rapeseed oil and can cause emphysema and respiratory distress, eventually leading to cancer.

3.Monosodium Glutamate(MSG): The FDA allows 20 “pseudo” names for it including autolyzed yeast extract, free glutamate, glutamic acid, soy lecithin, calcium caseinate, hydrolyzed corn, hydrolyzed soy protein, and maltodextrin to name a few. Just because a product says “No MSG” doesn’t mean it’s not in there!

4.Sodium Nitrates(nitrosamines): Used for fertilizers and explosives, and as a solvent in the dry cleaning industry. This ingredient keeps hemoglobin molecules in your blood from carrying oxygen to your body tissues. It’s considered a “super salt” (like MSG) added to things like hot dogs, cold cuts and bacon for added shelf-life, color and flavor. Problems compound when microwaved.

5.Margarine: The body cannot incorporate trans-fatty acids into membranes, thus causing deformed cellular structures. Vegetable shortening and partially hydrogenated vegetable oils accelerate aging and degenerative changes in tissues.

6.Anti-foaming agents: (Dimethylpolysiloxane) An industrial chemical used in caulks and sealants. This component is mostly used in fast food chicken nuggets and eggs. Also watch for TBHQ, a petroleum derivative, used as a stabilizer in perfumes, resins, varnishes and oil field chemicals, and linked to stomach tumors and DNA damage.

7.Anti-caking agents: Chemicals that absorb moisture and prevent other compounds from sticking together. These are added to table salt and powdered food products. They are often composed of phosphate, carbonate, silicate and oxide compounds which contain aluminum. Watch for sodium alumino-silicate, alumino-calcium silicate and aluminium silicate. Aluminum is linked to Alzheimer’s and is also used in flu shots and vaccines.

8.Artificial colorings: Synthetic petrochemicals made from petroleum, antifreeze and ammonia. Blue #1 causes kidney tumors in mice. Red #2 and Blue #2 cause brain and bladder tumors in rats. Red #3 causes thyroid cancer in animals, and is banned in cosmetics, but still allowed in food. Red #40 debilitates the immune-system. Green #3 causes bladder and testes tumors. Yellow #5 and #6 cause adrenal tumors in animals.

9.Emulsifiers: Carrageenan, polysorbate 80 and brominated vegetable oil (BVO). These are stabilizing, smoothing and thickening agents. They are typically found in chocolate milk, cottage cheese, ice cream, infant formula and jelly. BVO remains in body fat for years. Polysorbate 80 is also found in most vaccines.

10.Artificial Sweeteners: Aspartame, Acesulfame K, Sucralose, Sorbitol, Truvia, and of course, Saccharin. Because they taste sweet, these chemical sweeteners trick the body into ingesting them and holding on to them for extended periods of time, turning rancid in the body fat. Fake sugars are the “Trojan horses” of the cell-choking and mutating, food agent industry. Sorbitol is also found in many vaccines.


America has been breeding and treating cancer with chemicals for 70 years

How does a politician running for office or for a position with a United States Government regulatory agency guarantee winning that election or appointment? He or she simply supports theinsidious toxic foodand medicine industry by meeting with lobbyists, promising the approval of chemical food agents that strangulate human DNA cells, andfurthering legislationwhich supports cancer treatments to do more of the same.

Besides the wars in the Middle East, there’s aDomestic Wargoing on right now in our country, so pay very close attention to everything you eat, and every “medicine” your doctor recommends. Also, do some research of your own if you want toprotect your cells and keep them oxygenated, preventing cancer and other disease.

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The hidden (sick) agenda behind chemtrails

We, the people, are under attack by a small group of mad scientists, out-of-control government agencies and profit-seeking billionaires pretending to “save the earth” from global warming. These “global control-freaks” want to manipulate weather patterns – in order to dominate the Earth’s resources. In reality, military programs like HAARP and chemtrails which over-heat the atmosphere and poison the sky (and farmland) seriously threaten all life on this planet. (keep reading -with an open mind)

What if global warming was just a hoax or worse? Are these toxic substances in chemtrails, GMO‘s and vaccines being (deliberately) created to reduce the world population?

Biological weapons of mass destruction and control revealed

According to many geo-scientists, the chemtrail program consists of spraying 10 to 20 million tons of aluminum oxide, barium, and other chemicals including arsenic, cadmium, and lead into the atmosphere to cool down the planet. This program, also known as “Project Cloverleaf”, is one of the most secretive programs within the airline industry of the United States. But, many of the pilots don’t even know what (or why) they are actually spraying!

Naturally, the question you have to ask is: why are they doing this to us?

Simply put, weather control (through chemtrail spraying) can be used as a weapon against any country or government by creating drought and famine. Obviously, this would destroy the ability of a nation to grow food and remain independent. Once a country is desperate for food, it allows other governments to impose their rule and authority in exchange for rain or other resources.

More (shocking) news about weather manipulation programs

In October 2011, scientists from around the world gathered in Orlando, Florida for the American Association for Aerosol Research conference. Most importantly, there was a lecture called: “Aerosols, Clouds and Precipitation”.These (crazy) scientists discussed how different aerosols (toxic materials)could create cloud cover to reflect sunlight away from the earth and increase (or decrease) rain fall in certain regions of the world.

Who benefits from weather modification and weather control programs? Consider this: Since 1997, weather has been traded as a commodity at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Many experts agree, this is exactly when geo-engineering programs rose in popularity. Since commodities are directly affected by the weather – predicting these trends could be very profitable to those individuals who have the ability to control or manipulate our weather.

via The hidden (sick) agenda behind chemtrails.

Horse Slaughter Ban Lifted: Horse Meat May Be Coming Soon | Petside

Published December 1, 2011

As a passionate horse lover, I can hardly contain my outrage after learning yesterday that, in line with a new bill signed by President Obama, our beloved American horses soon may be butchered legally in the United States to be used as meat for human consumption.

The most recent threat to American horses can be attributed to a new bill which resulted in the horse slaughter ban being lifted. In spite of President Obama’s 2008 campaign promise to protect horses from this outrage, our President has gone back on his word by signing the new bill passed by Congress on November 15. With the five-year-old ban on horse slaughter lifted, horse slaughterhouses may begin to crop up once again in the United States (although none currently exist). Supposedly, the bill was passed (as part of a funds allocation effort) to keep the Government open and funded until mid-December.

While horse meat may in theory could be coming to a store near you, the lawmakers, in their haste to pass the bill, did not include funds that would be allocated to pay for horse meat inspectors. As a result, the USDA is left trying to find a way to pick up the tab in this department. With no funds allocated for this ever-important inspection step in the slaughter process (without inspectors meat couldn’t be approved for sale), tax payers could find themselves picking up the bill, with annual costs of between three and five million dollars. So much for being cost effective!

Horse Slaughter Ban Lifted: A Long History of Debate

This most current bill marks yet another notch in the belt that is a long history of debate over horse slaughter.

In 2006, anti-horse slaughter proponents were able to successfully get legislation passed through Congress which effectively cut off all funding for horse meat inspections, even though legislation to ban all horse slaughter in general had previously failed. Without horse meat inspectors, the sale of horse meat for human consumption was banned, and without any way to profit the three remaining horse slaughterhouses in the United States were closed in 2007.

Pro-slaughter proponents, however, claim that the ban on horse slaughter inadvertently caused a huge rise in the number of abandoned and neglected horses.

Horse Slaughter Ban Lifted: The Aftermath

As a result of the ban being lifted, horse slaughter advocates are hurrying to get a plant opened within 30 to 90 days in either North Dakota, Wyoming, Missouri or Nebraska, if state approval is given.

Should this come to fruition, up to 200,000 horses a year could be slaughtered in the United States. While the majority of their meat would be shipped to foreign countries, including Europe, Asia and Japan, some of the horse meat could be served in the United States. Rep. Sue Wallis (R-Wyoming) is hoping that horse meat could be served in her state to prisoners and school children.

The Truth About Horse Slaughter, and the Horse Slaughter Ban Being Lifted

Horses have never been raised for meat; they have been raised as companion animals who perform countless services to mankind. And the initial preconceptions of horse slaughter, such as the idea that horses slaughtered for meat are being put down to end their suffering, are just not true.

According to Charmaine Jens, Public Relations Representative for Americans Against Horse Slaughter, the truth is that the majority of horses slaughtered for their meat are not the old, infirm, neglected horses that are no longer useful, a smoke-and-mirrors perception which has become one of the popular party-lines for those in support of horse slaughter.

These horses are purchased by “killer buyers” who work for the foreign-owned horse slaughter industry. Healthy horses bring the highest price per pound. Incredibly, The USDA Guidelines for Handling and Transporting Equines to Slaughter state that more than 92 percent of horses slaughtered are “in good to excellent condition.” Sadly, these slaughter victims are the horses that can be re-trained, re-homed and once again become a precious companion animal.

Horse Slaughter Ban Lifted: The Fight to End the Practice Continues

The fight to prevent this travesty from happening is far from over. Horse and animal lovers who abhor the idea of horses being slaughtered for meat for human consumption and want to help should contact their Congressman immediately, imploring them to co-sponsor Senate bill S.1176 and House bill 2966.

via Horse Slaughter Ban Lifted: Horse Meat May Be Coming Soon | Petside.

Sooooo… about that whole Dumbing down of America Conspiracy theory…

I don’t know, I’m thinking with Teletubbies, Pokemon, Barney, Jersey Shore, The Real HousewivesThe Kardashians, Hip Hop, Pop, Hollywood, The Fashion Industry, Reality TV, Monday Night Football,  Beer Pong, The Sims, The Simpsons, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, on top of Fluoridated water, Vaccines, and Chemtrails – World Domination by the Elite is possible with absolutely NO resistance at this point…

Did she really say Utopia was a country that started with “U”? Sighhhhh

Those guys that used to wear the tin foil hats are looking pretty brilliant! Okay that might be pushing it, but if this is the state of the nation we’re in trouble.

Say What?

Did he just say that and the audience just sits calmly?

So the Bill Gates says that with the “life saving methods” (wink wink) such as new Vaccines, Healthcare & Reproductive services we could lower the population by  10 or 15%.

My maths aren’t quite working! Unless there is poison in those vaccines or the reproductive services mention refer only to abortion and sterility how do helpful medicines result in reduction!


Agenda 21 specifically  talks about the over all plan and the worrisome part is contained in Section 1 – Social and Economic Dimensions.

Glen Beck talks about it below – I hate using him as a reference point but he dumbs it down so its easy to grasp.

HHS offers aid over Guatemalan STD lawsuit – Washington Times

The same doctor John Charles Cutler, that conducted the 1960’s Tuskegee Alabama Syphilis Experiments on African American Men is also responsible for these atrocities on Guatemalan people in the 1940’s. “Cutler oversaw the syphilis experiments in Guatemala in the 1940s, during which doctors deliberately infected an estimated 1500 Guatemalans, including orphans as young as nine,[4] soldiers, prisoners and mental patients with syphilis without the informed consent of the subjects.[5][6]

The below article details how the US is going to provide aid of 1.8 million to help fight the disease in Guatemala after they introduced it. The US – it must be noted – has only acknowledged blame 60 years later because the remaining families have filed a lawsuit and a Wellesley professor –  Susan Reverby did some digging and unearthed this crime. It leaves me scratching my head.

From the Wellesly website I found the details below:

“In her study, Reverby found many details of the research. The PHS, partnering with Guatemalan health officials and the Pan American Sanitary Bureau in 1946-1948, sent Dr. John C. Cutler to Guatemala to study syphilis transmission, to see if penicillin could be used to prevent syphilis, not just cure it; and to conduct other experiments on what were then called venereal diseases.

Cutler and his team, including Guatemalan physician Juan Funes, induced the disease by allowing inmates in the central penitentiary to have sex with infected prostitutes (which was legal in Guatemala), or gave the disease to the prisoners by inoculating their arms, faces or penises with a solution of the bacteria that causes syphilis. Syphilis is a difficult disease to transfer and cannot grow in a culture so Cutler and his team had to work quickly to make the solutions and inoculations.

“In addition to the penitentiary, the studies took place in an insane asylum and an army barracks,” Reverby explains. “In total, 696 men and women were exposed to the disease and then offered penicillin. The studies went on until 1948 and the records suggest that despite intentions not everyone was probably cured.”

Worse, the subjects had no idea what they were getting into; moreover, those in charge of the institutions were never really told exactly what was going on.”

More information on Reverby’s Tuskegee book can be found at

HHS offers aid over Guatemalan STD lawsuit

Victims’ lawyers not satisfied by U.S. action

By Cheryl Wetzstein | The Washington Times | Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Department of Health and Human Services on Tuesday announced $1.8 million in aid to Guatemalan health authorities to fight sexual disease and improve research with human subjects.

An announcement such as this might have gone unnoticed, but federal lawyers filed legal papers the day before asking for the dismissal of a lawsuit seeking to hold the U.S. government and its public-health officials accountable for the outcomes of Tuskegee-style medical experiments conducted on more than 1,000 Guatemalans in the late 1940s.

In those post-World War II experiments, U.S. public-health officials intentionally infected prisoners, psychiatric patients and soldiers with syphilis, gonorrhea and/or chancroid without their informed consent for study and treatment purposes. Many Guatemalans, however, were left untreated.

Lawyers for the Guatemalan victims said the $1.8 million in aid forGuatemala is a positive action.

But the Department of Justice papers filed in U.S. District Court in the District of Columbia on Jan. 9 are an “extremely disappointing” response, given the harms done by U.S. officials to these victims and their families, said Terrence Collingsworth, partner at Conrad & Scherer.

“It’s almost as if there’s a blockade that protects the government with immunity, and when you stack the statutes together … it’s like it’s an impermeable wall,” said Conrad & Scherer attorney Piper Hendricks.

But she said she is “seeing some chinks in that armor,” adding that she and her colleagues would be filing briefs by March 9 before U.S. District Judge Reggie B. Walton.

In the Justice Department court filings, Tony West, assistant attorney general, and his co-counsel wrote, “As a result of these unethical studies, a terrible wrong has occurred.” But while the United States “is committed to taking appropriate steps to address that wrong,” they wrote, “this lawsuit is not the proper vehicle – and this Court is not the proper forum – through which the consequences of this shameful conduct may be resolved.”

The Justice Department asked that current federal office-holders be dismissed from the case, and cited the Federal Tort Claims Act as a primary basis for immunity for the United States. Lawyers for Mirta Roses Periago, director of the Pan-American Health Organization, also asked the court to “dismiss this case with prejudice” because she and the organization “are indisputably immune from this action.”

The Guatemala case was the subject of a September 2011 report, “Ethically Impossible: STD Research in Guatemala From 1946 to 1948,” conducted by the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues. The case has been described as Tuskegee-style because of its similarities to the infamous Alabama experiments in which black men with syphilis saw doctors but were never told about their syphilis or given treatment for it.

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via HHS offers aid over Guatemalan STD lawsuit – Washington Times.

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