Say What?

Did he just say that and the audience just sits calmly?

So the Bill Gates says that with the “life saving methods” (wink wink) such as new Vaccines, Healthcare & Reproductive services we could lower the population by  10 or 15%.

My maths aren’t quite working! Unless there is poison in those vaccines or the reproductive services mention refer only to abortion and sterility how do helpful medicines result in reduction!


Agenda 21 specifically  talks about the over all plan and the worrisome part is contained in Section 1 – Social and Economic Dimensions.

Glen Beck talks about it below – I hate using him as a reference point but he dumbs it down so its easy to grasp.


One response to “Say What?”

  1. bea41660 says :

    VACCINATION – The Hidden Truth – Full Documentary

    VACCINES: The Toxic Truth

    For your edification.


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