I remember being lined up in school for Fluoride treatments

At about 4 or 5 years old in Bermuda’s primary schools, I remember the Dental Hygienist visiting with the kid-friendly, highly decorated mobile van to do our dental  checkups.  We were bombarded with the importance of Fluoride from the character “Tilly Tooth”. I still remember “Tilly Tooth” – I was Sally in the school play – whose mouth ironically enough Tilly lived in!

Oddly enough we were brushing at home twice a day with Fluoride toothpaste, but she would give all of the kids at the school – maybe about 250 – 300 at the time – these little cups of liquid to swish and spit.

It was almost something to look forward to, after all giving kids under 11 a sticker or pencil just for swishing with a yummy liquid – no-brainer!

This dental care was then maintained by daily yummy tasting Fluoride tablets administered by each classroom teacher at lunch.

30 plus years later here I sit processing the below info…

Renowned Doctor Speaks on the Dumbing Down Effects of Fluoride. In this video, a dentist describes the brain numbing effects of fluoride when consumed in unhealthy doses.


3 responses to “I remember being lined up in school for Fluoride treatments”

  1. bea41660 says :

    Bizarre USA Fluoride History – Full Documentary

  2. bea41660 says :

    It’s right here….


    Let your “scales” be lifted!

    May you be blessed!

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