Homeschooling | Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee


Ron Paul believes no nation can remain free when the state has greater influence over the knowledge and values transmitted to children than the family does.

And the truth is, no big government spending program can or will solve our nation’s education problems.

One-size-fits-all central planning simply does not work.

As a congressman, Ron Paul has been a consistent supporter of homeschooling and educational freedom.

Being a homeschooling parent takes a unique dedication to family and education.


In many cases, homeschooling families must forgo the second income of one parent, as well as incur the costs of paying for textbooks, computers, and other school supplies.

And with combined taxes taking almost 50 percent of the average family’s income, there is little left over for low and middle-class parents to even consider other educational opportunities.

That’s why, during his time in Congress, Ron Paul has introduced legislation to:

*  Help parents better educate their children by providing parents with a $5,000 per child tax credit for tutors, books, computers, and other K-12 related educational needs.

*  Ensure that the federal government treats high school diplomas earned through homeschooling the same as other high school diplomas.


Congressman Paul wants parents to have the freedom to choose the best educational options for their children, and his commitment to ensuring homeschooling remains a practical alternative for American families is unmatched by any other Presidential candidate.

As President, he will veto any legislation that encroaches on homeschooling parents’ rights.

Returning control of education to parents and teachers on the local level is the centerpiece of Ron Paul’s education agenda.

via Homeschooling | Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee.


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