Birth Control for Bermuda

I watched an eye-opening documentary about the Maafa or Black Genocide. It clearly linked the true history of Planned Parenthood and the Eugenics Movement. I viewed it and walked away thinking as a non-American, America is built on such corrupt principles, its appalling and then in a quick flashed they mentioned Bermuda and just how far-reaching the corruption truly is. Bermuda in 1937 had hosted a pivotal figure in the Eugenics movement to speak to the government and Health Department – Margaret Sanger – about population control by introducing birth control into the island. She spoke on its necessity in order to maintain the luxuries that had been accumulated by the wealthy. Managed births were the only way and the white, British government at the time bought into it like much of the world. Blacks were the main emphasis in who the “right to choose” were aimed at, it was important to manage their numbers as they stood at about 60% of the population at the time. As usual, the then white government much like the present white washed black government were so busy fanning their own egos they could care less about the obvious attempt to quell black births. I can’t help but wonder 2 things, what else in the way of corruption has my government been involved in and if the billions of dollars spent on trying to get rid of the black population in the way of “Planned Parenting” had been used to educate the masses on responsible reproduction or the real “Planned Parenthood” what a different world we could have lived in now.

The local paper, The Royal Gazette reported (Margaret Sanger, ” [Bermuda Speech] ,” 17 May 1937. Published Article. Source: The Royal Gazette and Colonist Daily May 18, 1937, pp. 1, 10. , Not filmed)

Illuminating Address by Noted Authority

“Yesterday afternoon, in a Committee Room of the House of Assembly, members of the Board of Health and His Lordship the Bishop of Bermuda, listened to an address on the need for birth control in the modern world by Mrs. Margaret Sanger, Chairman of the National Commission for Federal Legislation on Birth Control, and leader of the movement in the U.S.A.

Col. Dill, stating that it was his privilege to introduce the speaker to her audience, emphasised what he has so often remarked upon in the House of Assembly, the fact that Bermuda had the almost uncanny knack of reproducing in very minute miniature many important world problems. Bermuda, on chart of the North Atlantic, is shewn as a mere comma, and yet, he said, he believed he was right in saying that she is one of the most densely populated of any place in the Empire, beaten only by Malta, Hong Kong, and Gibralter.”

See the film here:

(Margaret Sanger’s address to the Bermudian audience)

Birth Control for Bermuda


It is encouraging to find one spot on the earth where officials and the government have the vision to foresee that the adoption of certain policies at present can prevent adverse and deplorable conditions later on. Bermuda is the one place where statesmanship is really in action, and where an attempt is under way now to forestall the evil effects that eventually result from an uncontrolled population growth in a limited area.

At the invitation of the Bermuda Health Department, I went to Bermuda to confer with the leaders of its health and public activities and to discuss with them the possibilities of organizing centers for the dissemination of birth control knowledge in Bermuda. I stayed in Bermuda for two weeks and had occasion to speak before a large number of groups, both in Hamilton and in St. George. Three of the meetings took place at the House of Assembly. Among those present were members of the Assembly and of the Legislative Council, representatives of the Board of Health, and His Lordship, the Bishop of Bermuda. Col. Dill, the Attorney General, was in the chair. A special meeting for the medical profession was held at the Department of Health office in Hamilton.

The population of Bermuda is at present about 30,000 having increased some 10,000 within less than ten years. With only 19 square miles to the Island, its population density is now greater than that of Hong Kong, Malta or Gibraltar. About 60% of the population is colored. The birth rate is very much higher among the colored than among the white. In 1936, the birth rate for the white population was 16.4, and for the colored 29.2. The death rates for the same year were 8.8 for whites and 9.6 for the colored, with an infant mortality of 45.8 and 52.9 respectively.

The increase in population appears to be far too rapid for the future peace and comfort of the Island. At present the general socio-economic conditions are satisfactory. There is no unemployment and no relief; there are no income or inheritance taxes, and the average wage for unskilled workers is from $15 to $18 per week. It is a tourist place, and as long as people continue to travel, Bermuda can be prosperous and happy. But Bermuda looks to the future, and the present Governor, Lieut. Gen. R. J. T. Hildyard, an army man of strong personality, is a keen executive and anxious to see that the population of Bermuda should keep its standards high and retain the conditions of harmony, respect, peace and good will that obtain at the present time. This can be accomplished, it is felt, only if the population increases slowly, allowing for its assimilation into the system now prevailing.

Among doctors, nurses, officials and the public there was general enthusiasm for the project of disseminating more widely contraceptive information. The young clergymen, too, were behind the plan unqualifiedly, although there was some opposition from the elderly Protestant Episcopalian Bishop. As a result of these conferences and discussions, Bermuda is now planning to organize an active birth control program, and two physicians will be sent to America to observe and train at the Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau and to acquaint themselves with the modern contraceptive techniques employed in this country.

Bermuda will soon take its place as one of the few countries of the world where the dissemination of birth control information is sponsored by the government. Two clinics will be opened, one for the care of white women and the other for the colored, and the expenses of the clinics will be borne by the Colonial Government.

Bermuda is fortunate in having statesmanship at its head. It will be of keen interest to watch its future development under an advanced and rational population policy.


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